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Terms and Conditions

Registration for a class with Apex Cycle Education acknowledges that the information below has been read, is understood and agreed too:

Late Policy
Students arriving after the start of instruction or at the wrong location are subject to non-admittance/dismissal without refund or reschedule. No exceptions!

Cancellation/Reschedule Policy
All Cancellations and or Reschedules must be made no later than 48 hours prior to the start of class. Any cancellation requests made within this 48-hour window will not receive any refund of tuition; reschedule requests will be treated as registering for a new class. Full payment of tuition for the new class date will be required.

All Cancellations and or Reschedules requested more than 48 hours before the start of class will be assessed a fee of $50. Any and all changes made after registration will be subject to this fee. Each registration is eligible for one (1) reschedule only. If you occupy a seat in the course, attend any portion of the course, including the classroom or any portion of the range exercises, you are not eligible for a cancellation refund or reschedule request. No exceptions!

Student Dismissal Policy
All students will be given the opportunity to learn and practice maneuvers on the range unless they are a danger to others or themselves. The RiderCoach will, at his or her sole discretion, immediately dismiss any student who commits any deliberately unsafe act, becomes a hazard to themselves or others or not wearing proper riding equipment when operating training motorcycles.If a student is dismissed for safety reasons they are not entitled to a refund or reschedule.

Inclement Weather Policy
We will continue exercises in nearly all weather conditions. On rare occasions classes may be rescheduled at the discretion of management due to severe weather conditions. These decisions are always made with student safety in mind. We DO NOT cancel classes for rain, cold, or heat. Plan for the expected weather conditions, bring appropriate clothing, dress in layers, bring rain gear, refreshments and drink plenty of water on hot days.If there are any weather related delays they will be posted on the front page of this website. If there is nothing posted, the class will run on time without delay.

Bike drop Policy for Apex Provided Motorcycles
Responsibility, awareness and care are necessary parts of motorcycling. However, Apex Cycle Education is aware that training and range maneuvers may occasionally cause a 2-wheeled motorcycle to be dropped by the student during range exercises. Any customer using one of the 3-wheel motorcycles for training is liable for any and all damages to said vehicle that occurs while customer is operating said vehicle. If the student is operating any motorcycle in a reckless manner the student will be fully liable for any damage incurred during the incident.

Student Conduct Policy
All students are required to maintain a professional and civil manner during the course. At no time will a student be allowed to present a hostile environment to another student or abuse the equipment provided by Apex. If a student is found to be disruptive, vulgar, disrespectful to Rider Coaches, Range Aides, other students, or abuses the equipment provided, that person will be warned of their conduct. A second occurrence will result in the dismissal of the student from the course. Care for the equipment and mutual respect are necessary for learning to occur.

Seats are Non-Transferable
Course seats are non-transferable. Only the original purchaser will be added to the class roster and be allowed to attend the class.

Helmets sizes available (Not for Advanced Cycle Training Customers)
Course helmets provided range from Small to XXL. If you require a helmet smaller or larger than these sizes, please visit one of our sponsor dealers. You will need to purchase a helmet which meets DOT standards and is a 3/4 hard shell or Full Face helmet.

Clarifying Expectations
What customers should expect from the curricula:
Some of you in this class may be learning to ride for the first time. Some may have limited experience, and others may have lots of experience. This course is designed for the beginning rider, and progresses from simple to complex. Your expectations may be to learn to ride, improve your knowledge and skill, or to comply with state law / court order. This course is designed to prepare riders for street riding and will accommodate those expectations.

What customers should expect of coaches, and what coaches expect of them:
The coaches’ responsibility is to facilitate on-cycle learning in a safe and responsible manner. Experience has shown us that not everyone who enrolls in a motorcycle rider course is ready to ride at this time. The problem could be one of nervousness, balance, coordination, or repeated failures to respond to coaching. Your coaches will do everything required by the curriculum and within the limits of safety to coach each student to me the minimum standards required by the DMV. However, there is NO GUARANTEE that everyone who has enrolled in this course will meet those standards as relates to the knowledge and/or riding skills evaluations. Unsafe conditions will not be allowed, and coaches will excuse from further riding any student who, in their view, presents a safety hazard to themselves and/or their classmates, or repeatedly fails to respond to coaching.

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