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Rider Course Information

Trike/Sidecar Training

Certified Course for License Waiver -- DC & VA

Trike/Sidecar Education Program

Evergreen Safety Council Curriculum -- Licensing/Basic Course

Advanced Instruction

Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) On-Street, In-Traffic Training

Typical Class Schedule

Friday Classroom 6 pm-10 pm (Check your registration for date and location)


Range and Classroom: 7:45 am-5:00 pm (Saturday & Sunday)

First class for 2018: February 9-11

Mail-In Registration Form

To take advantage of the above offer you need to register directly on the Can-Am website. Click on the picture, scroll down, pick Virginia from the drop-down menu, then which city/training site suits you best.

Class Availability

Click on the image above for more info from Harley Davidson

Two-wheel motorcycles converted to 3-wheel Trikes

Click on the image to view Ural around the Globe.

Class Description

16 Hour Course

5-6 Hours Classroom
10-11 hours of Range Exercises

Can I use my own sidecar rig or trike for training?

Students are actually encouraged to bring their own rig, provided the trike or sidecar meets training criteria. If a student brings their own rig for use in the class, the following requirements must be met:

  • Must be a motorcycle based sidecar or trike (CanAm Spyders are acceptable);3 wheels must be in contact with the ground. No "Voyager" or similar add-on type kits allowed (These vehicles are technically 4-wheel vehicles, and handling dynamics are not suitable for the range exercises used during the class.)
  • No automotive based trikes are allowed.
  • Must provide proof of ownership and insurance
  • Student owned rigs must be structurally sound in the opinion of the instructor(s).
  • The instructor determination of the suitability of a student's rig for use on the range is final.

For those students who do not have their own sidecar rig or trike there are alimited # of Can Am Spyders,helmets, and assorted lightweight gloves available.

This Course:

  • Qualifies graduates for a motorcycle (M-3) license (Virginia)
  • Qualifies graduates for insurance premium discounts with many motorcycle insurers.
  • Riders with no experience in riding three-wheeled motorcycles, who are at least 15 1/2 years of age, should take this course.

Classroomsession covers operating a three-wheeled vehicle, defensive driving, driving in traffic, roadway concerns, and the consequences of riding impaired. You will have the opportunity to learn about motorcycle controls and how they operate. Your instructors, all experienced motorcyclists, will review options about what to wear for comfort as well as protection. A very important segment of the course will discuss how to design a strategy for riding in traffic, and dealing with critical situations.

Rangeexercises are practiced in a low risk, controlled environment, and are designed to provide the rider with the knowledge and confidence to operate a three-wheeled motorcycle.
In this course you will have the opportunity to learn basic riding skills, with emphasis on the special skills and mental attitude necessary to manage risk while operating a three-wheeled motorcycle.

In the parking lot you will start off with straight-line riding, turning, shifting and stopping. You'll gradually progress to cornering, swerving and emergency braking. The course concludes with a knowledge test and riding skills evaluation.

If you successfully complete this course you will be issued a course completion card approved by the Virginia Rider Training Program (VRTP)! You are also issued a certificate from the Virginia DMV, good toward licensing in Virginia and Washington, DC.

Required riding apparel:

Eye protection (prescription eyewear or sunglasses are adequate)
Long sleeve shirt or jacket
Sturdy pants (jeans are sufficient;NO baggy pants)
Over the ankle, sturdy shoes

Courses offered only in English

Minimum age with parent/guardian consent: 15 1/2 yrs for Virginia licensees. If not Virginia, check with the DMV where you are licensed.

Tuition Discounts available for Motorcyle Club Contracts and former Apex customers!

If you have a question about Apex Cycle Education Rider Courses, please call (571-201-7661) or email

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