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Just a few of the testimonials received about Apex Cycle Education......

Ladies and Gentlemen,          March 17, 2014


I am writing today to thank you for what you do and your commitment to motorcycle safety. For your point of reference, I am a 52 year old, retired Marine and I pride myself in my conditioning and physical prowess (don't we all?). I rode bikes quite a bit as a very young man - principally Enduro with a mix of country roads and trail riding; I did ride a little bit on the highways in Southern California, but not enough to be good at it. In any case, it has been nearly 30 years since I rode a street bike and I have been itching to get out on the road!


I needed to get licensed for Virginia before I went out to buy my dream bike, so I researched training and found Apex. I signed up and completed the Basic Rider Course at Potomac Mills this past weekend. Your instructors, Andy and Mick were tremendous. I will confess that I came into this course thinking of it as a "check in the box" and what I discovered is that my previous experience and self identity did not match my weak riding skill levels. Your course and guided instruction without question saved me from MYSELF! I did not recognize or admit that what I did three decades ago has no bearing on my requirements for training today.


I greatly enjoyed the course and I gained a very healthy respect for the machines, the need to hone riding skills (continually), and to never assume I have mastered anything. I have a great desire to ride again and I don't believe I could have returned to riding safely without the benefit of your course. This note is primarily to say thank you for the training and for giving me far better judgment than I had going into the course. You offer far more than training - respect for the sport and the risks.


-- Sincerely, Allen

Dear Apex,                January 15, 2014


I recently took my Basic Rider Course with Brad and Steve during the week of January 9-11, 2014. Despite the rain on Saturday everything else was great. Both instructors were very helpful and have given me the necessary advice to be a confident rider on the busy roads in Northern Virginia. They stressed the safety aspects of being a responsible driver. I had a great time and would recommend this class to anyone interested on learning how to ride a motorcycle.


-- Thanks for everything and happy trails, David

Dear Apex,                  April 4, 2011

I just wanted to take a quick moment to comment on my experience in your Basic Rider Course this past weekend at the Manassas location.  The course was well assembled and contained some very good material and information.  Getting the classroom time out of the way first was nice.  The equipment provided for the students to use was great, all the bikes were well maintained and there was a nice variety to choose from (I would have liked a larger helmet though).  Mick and Kevin were both fantastic teachers and coaches!  Their knowledge and experience combined with their delivery of the material made for a very informative and enjoyable session on all 3-days.  The class size was perfect.  By the conclusion of the training, I felt like I came away with some valuable knowledge and a new perspective on riding.  The skills I learned, with practice will make me a safer rider with more confidence in myself. 

The course was well worth the cost and time invested.  Thank-you for providing this needed service!

-- Sincerely, Randy V. Fricks

Hello APEX Manassas,

I just completed the Basic Riders course at the GMU Campus in Manassas, VA (March 18-19th, 2011).  One instructor stood out to me as a complete professional, Brad (Sorry forgot his last name).

His delivery techniques, animated demonstrations, positive reinforcement and sharing of his love of the sport were critical in my and probably my entire class’s desire to become informed competent new riders.  I have been a licensed PADI professional dive instructor for 14 years, I know the value of quality instruction and student involvement; it is a pleasure to see another instructor taking the same energetic and quality approach as I have tried to give to my students.  

-- R/S, Phill K.

APEX Management,

I recently attended your basic motorcycle course this pass weekend in Manassas, VA.July 10-12, 2010 at GMU campus and it was excellent.  Your staff were very professional, they taught excellent skills, they provided a very safe training venue, and they gave me exactly what was expected of the course.  I have been riding for over 10 years, and I thought I knew a substantial amount about operating a motorcycle; then I attended APEX and found that my experience was very limited.  Thanks to all and I will definitely recommend this course to others. 

-- Respectfully, D. Elliott

Sent: Sunday, May 02, 2010 9:20 PM
Subject: Testimonial

Just took a basic course this weekend and went from having no motorcycle experience to having the confidence (and legal permission) to go out and learn a good bit more on my own. Both Reed and Brad were fantastic instructors and were able to point out all the things I was doing right, as well as all the things I was doing wrong. I have no regrets in taking this class (short of taking the PM class during 90 degree weather) and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in taking up the sport. Seriously, these guys were great!

-- Brent

“I just wanted to say thank you for the great experience I had this weekend with the Basic Riding Course. My instructors, Dave Krek and Brad Hancock, were very professional and thorough, but most importantly, they understood that most of us had no riding experience. They are two of the most patient people I've ever met.

The class just flowed from one exercise to the next despite the inexperience level of the riders. The course was very well laid out and it allowed us to gain confidence as we learned new skills. I have already recommended this course to my dad and a co-worker, so I'm sure they'll be signing up soon.

Thanks again for a great course and a fun weekend!”

-- Myong-Hwan "Moo" Eiselstein Alexandria, VA

“…My name is John Porvaznik and I was in the morning class under Jeff and Rick…I'd also like to leave more positive feedback for my instructors. The course was much better than I was expecting and I was expecting an excellent course. Neither Apex's material nor the instructors were anything below amazing. Helpful, friendly and willing to help with any issue (no matter how small or large) with really informative feedback.

Thanks for the great course.”

-- John Porvaznik Falls Church, VA

“I completed BRC training with Apex about three weeks ago. On the Tuesday following the course, I was able to stop by the local DMV to pick up my new 'M' class license. Thanks!

Once again, I'd like to thank the whole Apex team for the quality program they provided. The Friday night instruction was well directed, and made enjoyable by interaction with the whole group. Both during the classroom instruction and on the following two afternoons on the course, it was clear that the whole Apex team is focused on providing great instruction, personal and friendly counseling and support, and ultimately, really takes the interests of the new rider and the motorcycle community to heart. Safety and skills are emphasized in a way that make sense, and helps to reinforce the training.

Yesterday, I purchased a new Suzuki SV650S from Loudoun Motorsports…While there, I heard one of their sales team tentatively mention your company / training to a new rider. When I pick up the bike tomorrow, I'll drop off the couple of cards that were included in our new rider packet. But, I'd recommend that you send them a whole bunch of brochures to hand out to all the new riders that stop by their store. ;-)

Best wishes for the continued success and growth of Apex Cycle Education!”

-- Mark Poesch Ashburn, VA

“I took the basic rider course last weekend at the Manassas Campus and I just wanted to thank everyone involved. I rode dirt bike 25+ years ago and have never ridden a road bike in my life so I decided to take the course to learn proper technique.

The Material and Practical Application- Perfect wouldn't change a thing.

Well written, easily understandable and progresses at a perfect pace.

Instructors- Great!!!! Professional, knowledgeable and made the extra effort for those who needed it.

The Test- Good, I thought it gave a fair evaluation of each rider’s skill level.

As a side note, we did have one rider fail the course. I was happy to see this was not a course that issued a certificate just because someone paid for the course. This rider was a danger to himself and others while on a motorcycle and it was just a matter of time before he hurt himself or someone else.

I have been in law enforcement for 14+ years and have been to many motorcycle traffic fatalities in which it was obvious the driver was either impaired and /or did not have the proper skill set to ride a motorcycle. I applaud the instructors for their fair and honest evaluation of this rider.

I just hope this helps him understand how much work he really needs on a motorcycle before he puts his life and others in danger.

Thanks again for a great course. Stay safe!!!”

-- Dan Grose Sterling, VA

“I just completed your class, and it was excellent. You had both the "momma" and "pappa" instructors; meaning Molly Harrison and Dave Krek. Molly would point out the good you did and follow with the bad, emphasizing the positive and Dave would tell you straight out what you did wrong and give the thumbs up and a smile when everything was right.

The two work well together and if one was lacking the class would have either been too mellow or too intimidating. I believe you have made a great choice in pairing the two of them up. I haven't done the research yet, but if Apex offers classes for others than beginners I would definitely be interested.

Please keep me posted, and thank you for a well run program. I learned a lot. I would also like to add even though I made a mistake and charged myself to be billed twice for the same class you responded quickly, and got my money back to me ASAP.”


-- P. Gambill, VA


I took my rider class this past weekend and wanted to thank Dave and Loretta for making the whole experience both fun and exciting. At first I did not know what to expect but soon after my first class I knew exactly what I can look forward to. Both our instructors were  knowledgeable and passionate about riding. They constantly appreciated my skills and corrected me when I made mistakes. Their easy to go attitude made it easy for me to ask them questions, even if it felt silly at times. I now feel confident and safe to ride on the roads.

I will definetely recommend this class to my friends. Thanks again for this Awesome experience.
Regards and God bless- BO

“I took the Basic Rider course 7/13 -15. It was one of the best courses I’ve ever taken. I purchased a Yamaha V-Star 1100 on Thursday following the course and I’m having a great time riding – safely. Please thank Loretta, Steven and Ray for a great and educational time.”


-- Michael H. Fairfax, VA

“I had taken your Rider Safety Course this past weekend at GMU in Fairfax, VA. Our instructors, Dave and Rick, were AWESOME and extremely patient.

There were 12 riders in the class. There were a few folks that had been on motorcycles before, and than there were us non-riders. Needless to say that most of us were nervous about getting on the motorcycles and didn't know what to expect.

Once we started the exercises on the bike, we noticed that even the guys who had claimed to ride since they were really young, had a hard time with the skills. The non-riders like myself, were going so slow, that the bikes would stall out. After awhile, with the instructors’ guidance, we kept improving. Dave and Rick were great, they would pull us aside individually and critique us and gave us great tips to build our confidence. They made sure everyone was confident they could accomplish the exercise before we all moved on. They had kept telling us "trust us, we are telling you things that will help you". This was key in the Figure 8 "U" Turn Exercise. It took some time, but, eventually, everyone turned their head and made their u turns.

So, just wanted to take some time out to say thanks. It was well worth the investment!

Here is a copy of my new license with the M identifier on it. I got it yesterday. The DMV really needs to invest in a Glamour Shots photographer.


-- Joanie Guerrero Alexandria, VA

“Dear Apex,

My wife and I have just finished the Basic Riders Course offered by your company at George Mason University. The course was great, and yes we will recommend your company to any of our friends that are considering getting a Motorcycle License. The course was well run, in a very professional manner.

The instructors were well grounded in the material and worked with everyone to ensure that we all mastered the course material by the end of the class.

So please consider this an official "Atta Boy". The money that we spent was well worth it.”

-- Bob and Pam Kunkel, Sterling, VA

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