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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the more frequently asked questions about Apex's training .....

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Registering for a Rider Course

The registration process at Apex Cycle Education is a straightforward and simple process. Click on your preferred Location [for the two(2)-wheeled licensing courses] and review the available classes. Place an order wherever seats are available. Three(3)-wheeled licensing classes are listed under trike/sidecar training. Specialty training classes are also listed under the Location sidebar. Click on your preference for more information.

In order to maintain accurate records and student rosters each student must individually register for a rider course. For this reason only one seat may be added to your cart at a time. Please ensure that your First and Last name are correctly entered into the registration form. The First and Last name should match your drivers license.

Once you have completed your registration, you will be presented with a verification page on your computer screen, and you will receive a confirmation email.
Print this verification page and confirmation emails, retaining them for your records. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please contact the Apex office.

Please ensure that you allow sufficient travel time to arrive at class on time. Traffic is very heavy on Thursday and Friday evenings and the I-95 and I-66 corridors are heavily traveled on Saturday and Sunday.

When completing the on-line registration form I am asked for my DMV Customer number. It is a required field, and I can't register without it! What is it, and where can I find it?

Believe it or not the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) really considers us "customers". In Virginia it is on the front of the driver's license, and actually uses the word customer.

If your driver's license is from another jurisdiction just use your state abbreviation (MD, DC, FL, State Dept, etc.) and the number from the driver's license. This will allow the shopping cart transaction to be completed.

If you are a minor and don't have a license, but are on a learner's permit for auto and/or motorcycle the number on your permit should also work.

Contact the office if you need assistance.

I am a very special person, VIP, Business Owner, Juggler, Fire Eater, Cave Man, Politician, etc. Do the Terms and Conditions apply to me?

No, of course not; you are very important. Feel free to call for extra special treatment. JUST KIDDING!

While we do feel that all Apex customers are special, the Terms and Conditions apply to everyone regardless of height, weight, gender, race, color, religious affiliation, national origin, marital status or age. Please review them carefully before registering.

What is the minimum number of registered students to conduct a class?

The rider courses are designed as adult education courses which rely heavily on peer interaction. It develops good habits and riding skills. The minimum number of students to conduct a class is 6 students. If a class does not contain 6 students the class may be consolidated or rescheduled. In the event your class is consolidated or rescheduled Apex Cycle Education will offer a full refund of tuition if the new course date/times are not acceptable.

What happens if I don't successfully complete one of the licensing courses?

Both the two(2) and three(3)-wheeled licensing courses are designed for the beginning rider. Every person is different and it occasionally takes additional practice for some to attain the skills and coordination necessary to successfully complete the course.
Students are evaluated on both a written knowledge test and a riding skills test, the latter used to measure student riding proficiency. When a student accumulates points during the skills evaluation the points directly relate to risk factors while riding on the street. Therefore a minimum score is required to pass.

In addition to possibly needing further practice motorcycling as a rider may not be for you. It is an activity which requires a level of coordination, skill, concentration and risk acceptance which is not for everyone.

Whether you meet the minimum requirements for your class or not, your RiderCoach will make recommendations based on your specific skill level and needs. Please remember that the management and staff of Apex Cycle Education hold your safety as it's utmost priority!

As a reminder there are no refunds, reschedules or future discounts if you do not pass the course.

What is the course schedule?

The course schedule varies by class type, location, time-of-year, and other factors. Hover over the Course Descriptions Tab at the top of this page, and click on the course you are interested in. You will find typical class schedules listed there. Once registered for class please consult your registration confirmation for information specific to your individual training.

ALL Cancellations and or Reschedules must be made no later than 48 hours prior to the start of class. Any requests made after this time will not be honored. All Cancellations and or Reschedules will be assessed a fee of $50.

What is the 30-day temporary license?

The Virginia DMV has authorized Apex Cycle Education to issue the DMV Waiver Certificate to successful graduates of our Basic and Sidecar/Trike rider courses. This Certificate is valid for 30 days as a Temporary License for those who currently have a valid Virginia Driver's License, and are age 19 or older. This Certificate also waives both the written and riding tests by the DMV, allowing up to one full year for customers to visit the DMV and have the motorcycle endorsement added to their licenses.

What do I need to take the course?

Proper apparel and a good attitude!

Required apparel for the licensing courses:
-- eye protection (helmet face shield, sunglasses, or prescription eyewear)
-- Long sleeve shirt or jacket
-- Long pants (No baggy pants)
-- Sturdy, over-the-ankle footwear

For the specialty motorcycle training courses please consult the course description for that course to see additional requirements for those courses. 

Do I need a Permit or Drivers License to take the course? 

All courses are conducted in a controlled environment on a parking lot. You do not need to have a motorcycle learner's permit. You do, however, need to have driver's license, learner permit (for minors that means having completed driver's education classroom classes, and successfully passing the DMV permit, written test.) All other courses except Jump Start require that you have your motorcycle endorsement / license in order to participate.

Will I receive an insurance discount? 

All Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) courses are recognized throughout the country, and most insurance companies provide a rate discount for completion of MSF rider courses. The Evergreen Safety Council (ESC) curriculum used for the 3-wheel training courses, and Total Control Advanced Rider Course are also recognized by many insurers. Please check with your insurance company for specific information relative to your personal situation.

Do I need my own motorcycle to take the course?

Apex Cycle Education will provide suitable training motorcycles for the 2-wheel licensing, jump start and skills practice courses. Advanced rider course students must provide their own licensed, registered, inspected, insured and street legal motorcycle to attend the course. 

Three-wheel training courses are treated a little differently by the DMV. Please check the Course Description for Sidecar/Trike training for more information about vehicles allowed in those classes. 

Do I need to bring my own helmet?

Licensing course students may wear their own helmet if it is DOT approved and a 3/4 or Full face helmet. Some helmets are available to borrow during class for head sizes between Small and XXL. Advanced rider course students must bring their own gear. The helmet must be DOT approved and 3/4 or Full face, full fingered gloves, long sleeves, long pants and over the ankle footwear.

What kind of gloves do I need for the course?

They must be full fingered gloves, preferably leather. For the licensing classes there are an assortment of "mechanics" style gloves available to borrow while riding.

What type of motorcycle will I be riding in the course?

Two-wheel training motorcycles are specified as having less than 500cc engines. Apex Cycle Education uses standard, dual sport, cruiser, and sport models from various manufacturers, with an engine displacement of 125-500 cc, and cannot guarantee or reserve a particular type or brand of motorcycle for the course.

Three-wheel licensing classes are once again treated differently by the DMV. Review the course information for Trike/Sidecar training for further clarification.

How do I get a motorcycle license in Virginia?

The motorcycle endorsement for the Commonwealth of Virginia is obtained through the Department of Motor Vehicles. However, upon successful completion of an Apex Cycle Education licensing, rider course you will receive a 30-Day M Class license, allowing you to legally ride on the road if you are age 19 or older. This certificate can be taken to the VA DMV and the M classification will be added to your regular license without having to take the written or road test. Detailed information can be obtained from the DMV website

Is there anything I can do to familiarize myself with motorcycling prior to the class?

Basic two wheel balancing skills are required in order to safely operate a two(2) wheeled motorcycle. If it has been a long time since you have ridden a bicycle, you may want to take a few laps of the neighborhood to get the feel back.

For the three(3)-wheeled course, just bring your spirit of adventure!

If my leg inseam is less than 26", can I still take the course?

We have a selection of two(2)-wheeled training bikes that are suitable for people with a short inseam. For the three(3) wheelers it isn't typically an issue. 

You are invited out to view any of our classes while they are in session. You are welcome to preview the types and sizes of motorcycles available at that time. 

What happens if it rains?

We will continue exercises in nearly all weather conditions. On rare occasions classes may be rescheduled or delayed at the discretion of management due to severe weather conditions. These decisions are always made with student safety in mind. We do not cancel classes for rain. Plan for expected weather conditions and bring rain gear, refreshments and drink plenty of fluids on hot days.

Can I use my own motorcycle or scooter for the two(2)-wheeled, Basic RiderCourse?

Yes you can, PROVIDED your motorcycle or scooter meets the "training motorcyle criteria" established by the Department of Motor Vehicles (has an engine displacement of no more than 500 cubic centimeters, weighs less than 400 pounds, and is equipped with a seat whose height will accommodate the novice rider course participant). In addition your motorcycle or scooter will have to be registered, inspected, insured, and pass a T-CLOC inspection by one of Apex's Rider Coaches before class. 

For those taking the three(3)-wheeled course you are encouraged to bring your own rig to class. The only restrictions can be found under the trike/sidecar course description.

Can I take the motorcycle course if I'm not from Virginia?

Absolutely! You may attend any RiderCourse offered by Apex Cycle Education for which you meet the prerequisites. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), Total Control Advanced Riding, and Evergreen Safety Council courses are recognized throughout the country.

All current Apex courses except Jump Start currently provide a Course Completion Certificate to those who successfully complete the class. 

Reciprocity for the licensing test waiver varies from state to state. Check with the DMV where your license was issued. Apex will provide verification of successful completion if necessary at no additional charge.

The District of Columbia currently recognizes the 2-wheel and 3-wheel course completion certificates issued by Apex, along with the DMV Course Completion card as a riding skill test waiver. DC licensees still need to take DC's Knowledge Test. (Subject to change; please contact the District of Columbia DMV to verify licensure requirements.)

If you have any additional questions please call 571-201-7661, or send an email

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