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Rider Course Information

 Basic Rider Course

"Should You Ride A Motorcycle?" Quick Tips

Required Course for 2-Wheel License Waiver, VA*

Required Course for Riding Test Waiver, DC*


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Typical Weekend Class Schedule (Weekday Classes Also Available May thru August)

Virginia & DC:

Friday Classroom 6pm-10pm (Check your registration for date and location)

Morning Range 7am-1:30pm (Range Session; Saturday & Sunday)

Afternoon Range 11:30am-6pm (Range Session; Saturday & Sunday)
November thru early March classes will have only one Range Session: 8am-2pm for both Saturday and Sunday(Working without Daylight Savings Time). Classroom session is still Friday evening from 6pm-10pm. (Check your registration for date and location.)
Class dates, times, and locations may vary from time-to-time. Please verify your specific circumstances by reviewing your registration confirmation.

Apex Does Not Currently Offer Motorcycle Licensing Classes in Maryland

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Class Availability:


Apex Does Not Currently Offer Licensing Classes in Maryland






Class Description

15-17 Hour Course

5 Hours Classroom (7 Hours in Maryland)
Approximately 10 Hours On-Motorcycle Practice

  • Motorcycle, helmets for most head sizes, and assorted lightweight gloves available
  • Qualifies graduates for motorcycle license (Virginia, if the class is taken in Virginia), motorcycle skills test waiver (District of Columbia, if the class is taken in MD or VA), licensing completion certificate that can be taken to any full-service MVA office to obtain a motorcycle (Class M) license (Maryland, if the class is taken in MD). If you hold a Driver's License from any other jurisdiction, e.g. NC, PA, WV, etc. in the U.S., or from any foreign country, PLEASE contact the office issuing your license for information about training requirements that constitute a motorcycle license waiver for that jurisdiction. 
  • Qualifies graduates for insurance premium discounts with most motorcycle insurers.

The Basic RiderCourse is aimed at beginning riders, currently ages (15 1/2-VA, 15yrs 9mos-MD, 16 yrs-DC)  and up! Five hours of classroom instruction helps prepare the student for two five hour practical riding sessions in a controlled, off-street environment. In this course you will have the opportunity to learn basic riding skills, with emphasis on the special skills and mental attitude necessary to safely operate a motorcycle.

If you plan to enroll in a motorcycle rider training course, are under the age of 21, or have never held a driver's license from any jurisdiction regardless of age, you really need to verify the specific requirements of the agency that will issue the license and / or permit you desire.

While Apex makes every effort to point customers in the appropriate direction we are not responsible for those licensing / permit requirements.

Your RiderCoaches are certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), and are members of the Virginia Rider Training Program (VRTP), or licensed by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). In the classroom you'll have the opportunity to learn about the different types of motorcycles, their controls, and how they operate. The RiderCoaches, all experienced motorcyclists, will suggest options on what to wear for comfort and protection. You'll find out how alcohol and other drugs affect your ability to ride safely. A very important segment of the course will show you how to create your own strategy for riding in traffic, and how to deal with critical situations.

In the parking lot you will start off with walking around and sitting on the motorcycle just to locate and manipulate the controls without starting the engine. For those who have never operated a vehicle that required shifting gears, you will experience what it feels like to just rock the bike back and forth in first gear before being asked to move the motorcycle.

Initial movement will entail walking with the motorcycle in a straight line, controling your speed with the clutch and front brake. Minimal mastery of this experience will be expected before progressing to straight-line riding, turning, shifting and stopping.

You'll gradually progress to cornering, swerving and stopping in the shortest distance you safely can. The course concludes with a knowledge test and skill evaluation. If you successfully complete this course you will smile with satisfaction as the RiderCoach hands you your course completion card!

Required riding apparel:

Eye protection (prescription eyewear or sunglasses are adequate)
Long sleeve shirt or jacket
Sturdy pants (jeans are sufficient; NO baggy pants)
Over the ankle, sturdy shoes

Courses offered only in English

Minimum age with parent/guardian consent: (15 1/2-VA, 15yrs 9mos-MD, 16 yrs-DC)

Tuition Discounts available for Motorcyle Club Contracts and former Apex customers!

* If you DO NOT currently possess a Virginia or DC driver's license, AND you plan to use this course to waive some or all requirements for a Motorcycle License, please contact the DMV/MVA where you are licensed before registering for this course.  While the MSF Basic RiderCourse is the acceptable license waiver curriculum used by most licensing agencies in the US and Overseas, some licensing issuers require that the course be taken in their local jurisdiction.

If you are currently Active Duty US Military there are considerations provided by most licensing agencies for not currently residing in the jurisdiction where your driver's license was issued. TX and FL are current examples. Contact Apex if we can be of further assistance.

If you have a question about Apex Cycle Education RiderCourses, please call (571-201-7661) or email:

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