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Rider Course Information

 Basic Course Refresher / Skills Practice

Basic Course Refresher / Skills Practice


Class Schedule

The classes will be offered from time-to-time at various Apex locations. Click on Basic Course Refresher / Skills Practice for times, dates and locations. Check your registration confirmation for your specific class!

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Class Availability

Class Description

Using your own motorcycle (or one of Apex's training bikes), you'll put into practice the techniques of
managing traction, stopping quickly, cornering and swerving. If you haven’t purchased a motorcycle
yet, or you have, but are not comfortable riding it on the street in traffic, Apex is offering additional
riding practice in a controlled environment (parking lot) under the professional supervision of
Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) certified RiderCoaches, who are also members of the Virginia
Rider Training Program (VRTP), and Maryland Motorcycle Safety Program. This is not the Basic RiderCourse,
and there is no
motorcycle license issued upon completion.

Who can take this class

This course is not restricted to Virginia motorcyclists. If you are licensed in VA, MD, DC, on active
duty with the Armed Forces and assigned to this area (but licensed elsewhere), a foreign national
operating on a state department vehicle operator’s license or licensed in any jurisdiction/by any
organization that entitles you to operate a motorcycle or scooter* on the highways and byways of
 United States, you are welcome to join us. The tuition is the same regardless of where you are
currently licensed.

Eligibility for this Skills Practice Rider Course requires that:

     1. A rider has successfully completed a Basic Rider Course(BRC);


       2. A rider has sufficient skill to be able to perform basic maneuvering and handling skills such as
maintaining balance, demonstrating smooth clutch-throttle control, brake usage and turning procedures;


       3. A rider must successfully achieve the objectives of Exercise 1, Control at Low Speed, and
must successfully achieve the objectives of subsequent exercises to continue. The Instructor(s)
conducting the course is/are responsible for making this determination. If the Instructor(s)
determine that a rider needs additional skills development before proceeding, the rider can be
referred to a BRC, Jump Start, or other program, as appropriate.

Course Details

This course is designed to provide more "parking lot" practice. The skills practiced entail overall
control of the motorcycle while operating at low speeds, and in limited spaces. Time is also spent
reviewing and practicing techniques for stopping a motorcycle in the shortest distance possible
while maintaining control, practice maneuvering the motorcycle accurately to avoid hazards, and
proper cornering techniques (all are skill sets noticeably absent in motorcyclists involved in
crashes). The emphasis is on continued skill development.

Instruction will comprise approximately 4 hours in a parking lot riding various exercises designed
by MSF. Enrollment will be limited to 12 students in a class with two instructors.

There is NO classroom work and NO formal testing. However, if you are able to successfully ride
all of the practice exercises Apex will issue the MSF BRC2 Skills Practice Course Completion
Certificate.This class is designed to provide you (the customer) with more riding practice on your
motorcycle or scooter (or Apex's training motorcycles).


Riders may use one of Apex's training motorcycles, or their own safe, street-ready motorcycle/
scooter. If you provide your own motorcycle/scooter it must meet the following conditions and
have the necessary documentation:

Street Legal, Current Inspection; Proof of Registration and Insurance; Proof of Ownership or
owner's permission to use their bike; Pass an Instructor
T-CLOCS inspection

Required apparel:

Helmet (minimum 3/4 hard shell and DOT rating)
Eye protection (faceshield, prescription eyewear or sunglasses are adequate)
Long sleeve shirt or jacket
Full-fingered gloves (all skin is covered up); preferably leather 

Sturdy pants (jeans are sufficient; NO baggy pants)
Over the ankle, sturdy shoes

* By definition, for this class a "Scooter" must meet the requirements of the Commonwealth
of Virginia (Code of Virginia 46.2-100), and Maryland MVA, requiring title, registration, and inspection
as a "motorcycle" to operate on the highways and byways of the registered location.

Course offered only in English

If you have a question about Apex Cycle Education RiderCourses, please call (571-201-7661) or email

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